Radar absorption structure

Model manufacturing for radio wave reflector (RCS) measurement

Radar absorption structure is manufactured utilizing composite material, Prepreg which carbon Nanomaterials are contained. Prepreg which carbon Nanomaterials are contained has different viscosity differently from normal Prepreg, its homogeneity dropped due to carbon nano-filtering phenomenon. Radar absorption performance doesn't change lineary according to its layer. So, as it changes nonlinearly according to carbon nano-particles content, the number of stacked layers, the manufacturing process, the experience for development is important. Also RCS measuring machine has weight limit which RCS measuring device can allow. Stiffness Design according to structural stability, wind speed, load environment is required with manufacturing technology which can make machine with small assembling part depending on radio wave properties.

We have experience various RCS machine with Agency for Defense Development and also molding experience for Radar Absorber Manufacturing Technology.

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