Abrasive blasting of curved forms M/C

Designed to suitable for profile processing of composite material, specimen processing machine for curved surface can manufacture various specimen using simple jig in laboratory.

  • With using Diamond coated wheel, Burr/Delamination can not be generated on the surface of cutting.
  • With various Diamond Wheel, it can process the specimen of tension (Dog-bone), compression (Dog-bone), shear (V-Notch), impact (V-Notch).
  • With providing cooling water during processing, dust and heat are not generated.
  • With cooling circulation method, the contaminants are not discharged.
  • For beginner can use conveniently, fast manufacturing of specimen is available.
  • With various Wheel design other than that, the manufacturing of various product is available.
Internal size 600 X 600 X H200(mm) motor capacity 0.5Hp Providing Wheel V-Notch
Cooling Source Water equipment weight 300Kg Electrical Specifications 3P/380V
Jig: Tensile Dog-bone/ Press Dog-bone/ V-Notch