Dedicated press for composite material

  • It is the dedicated press of composite material which is designed and manufactured suitable to composite molding.
  • It has multiple control function suitable to thermoset / thermoplastic molding.
  • It is designed to be operated to soft composite molding delicately.
  • It can record and save the operation states of pressure, temperature, vacuum, cooling.
  • With more than 65% of fiber volume fraction for composite molding, its manufacture would be available.
The size of hot plate 400 X 400 mm stroke hydraulic 300mm hydraulic pressure 30~50Ton
temperature of molding 300℃ cooling method Water connection type(AUTO) PLATE production
Working voltage 380V/ 3P electric capacity 30KW weight 3000kg less than
temperature control unit PID Controll, PLC제어 hydraulic control device PLC control
*speed control: 1mm/min. / *speed control: 10mm/min