Resin vacuum defoamation injection device

This equipment is available for vacuum defoamation/resin injection by changing resin viscosity. Cover can be opened and closed by pneumatic cylinder, vessel is rotated by 90˚.

  • Both defoamation and injection is available to this device which can defoam the fine bubble of inside of resin for injection, inject resin directly to mold through nozzle of injection slot,
  • Workers can set up the optimized resin injection temperature.
  • Inside sight glass is built the exterior of vessel, rotating propeller is built inside of vessel.
  • It is dedicated device for resin injection which can be utilized to various production including composite material RTM, infusion.
  • To control the resin viscosity, it can enhance the injection capacity.
Matrial Resin internal volume 20L stroke cylinder 350mm
vacuum pressure 76mmHg jacket temperature MAX 150℃ STIR MOTOR 60W
deceleration rate 1/100 STIR Speed 17.5/min Air inlet 10mm Air Hose
vacuum inlet 8mm Air Hose Electrical Specifications 2P/220V/Specifications :4kW