Blacket Press for composite material

  • It is the device which vacuum, pressure, heating, cooling function of Autoclave and dedicated heating press function for composite material.
  • Using the same component with Autoclave, it has more convenient vacuum Bagging work.
  • Having the same molding condition with Autoclave, it has simple molding process compared with Autoclave.
  • To be able to use two kinds of functions with one device, it has high device utilizing efficiency.
  • Real-time recording and saving of all test parameters (pressure, temperature, vacuum, cooling) is available.
  • With practical space utilization and price compared with Autoclave, it can perform competitive test.
  • With 1/4 times of hour compared with Autoclave, Autoclave molding is available.
  • Temperature graph and pressure graph are linked, press can be operated automatically.
  • It is dedicated facility which is manufactured delicately for researcher based on rich R&D experience of composite materials.
1step 10bar 2step 15bar 3step 20bar 4step 30bar 5step 40bar 6step 50bar 7step 60bar
90˚C 100˚C 110˚C 115˚C 120˚C 125˚C 130˚C